When my two kids started formal schooling, I was foolish enough to think that somehow they would skirt past racial micro-aggressions, racism and sexism.  That’s what higher education does to you: trick you into believing that you can succeed (or fail) based on your individual merits.

Up until now, I have complained at dinner parties and ranted on Facebook.  (I am horrible at tweeting.)  It has been suggested a few times that I create my own blog, so here it is.  In this space, I intend to capture my experience as a parent trying to navigate two socially conscious, mentally healthy and confident African American children through an educational experience that, quite frankly, is stacked against them.  This fight is quite ironic given my own professional work as an academic administrator who advocates for underrepresented students.  I’ll document those experiences, as well.  In addition to venting about racial micro-aggressions in educational settings, I will occasionally throw in a few book reviews here and there, because books rule.

This blog’s title is courtesy of Allen Iverson who, after single-handedly destroying the Lakers in Game 1 of the 2001 NBA finals, was asked if he worried about “fatigue.”  His response was, “Fatigues is army clothes.”   Just like AI, I feel like we have a long way to go in this battle, and ain’t nobody got time to get tired.


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